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How to Choose the Right Type of Compactor Rental

Anyone who has done a construction job will tell you that compaction is an important part of the project. This makes it important to choose the right type of compactor if you need to rent one or use one on your site. Read on to see how you can go about choosing the right type of compactor rental so you have a chance to do it right the first time and get the best results.

Consider the Specifications of the Site

Different job sites have different specifications, including terrain and size. For sites that have limited space, you may have to get a smaller compactor. Keep in mind that this means that you’ll have to do more runs to finish the job. A bigger compactor is great if you’re working in a spacious site because you can complete the job in fewer passes and save time and energy. You should also note that you need to consider the terrain because some compactors are better suited to working on steeper terrains than others.

Identify the Type of Soil

According to For Construction Pros, rammers and vibrating plates can easily compact granular and mixed soils that are made up of less than 10% to 15% cohesive soil. Clearly, knowing the soil that’s on your site can make it a lot easier for you to choose the best compactor. Analyze it so that it’s not a process of trial and error that could leave you without a good idea of what you’re dealing with. This way, you can save time moving forward by getting the right compactor.

Know How You Want the Soil Packed

Finally, keep in mind that different compactors have different methods of operation. This means that the results in terms of density and depth requirements may vary based on the compactor that you use. For example, static compactors compress the soil particles using their own weight. Vibratory compactors, on the other hand, use vibrations to shake up the soil so that clumps are broken up and with less friction.

With the right compactor, it’ll be easier for you to get a good job done with minor inconveniences. Call Ferri Equipment for guidance on choosing the right compactor as well as to get a selection to choose from. The fact that the right compactor will help you enjoy better efficiency makes this part of the process an important one.

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